Energetic audits

Energetic audit (EA) evaluates up-to-date level of the energetic economy of the building that is under review . Audit propose to economical supply and possibilities of the usage of the energy thanks to renewable resources to protect the environment.

Energetic audit is necessary for:

  • buildings and businesses with grater power consumption, in regards to testament no. 406/2000 digest about management of energy to gain a grant for project
  • reconstruction of the building
  • to get a loan for the project

Terms of energetic audit are specified in notice no.213/2001 and it´s amendment no. 425/2004.Actual energy consumption of your building that is operated with identification number of the organization, is crucial point to obligation of energetic audit.

High quality EA:

  • is useful base to decision making in a case of reconstruction. It contains recommendations and economical evaluation of economy drive
  • it is principle to positive evaluation of energy saving project in the process of obtaining grants or to get the bank loan

EA can be carriedd out by energetic auditors that are registred by Ministry of industry and Ministry of trade in Czech Republic .Insurance of professional responsibility follows the testament no. 406/2000 digest.



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