Maintanance and technology of photovoltaic´s cells

Maintenance and technology of photovoltaic's cells:

  • Easy installation of solar cells with almost none servicing.
  • Photovoltaic brings electricity to remote rural areas. Solar systems give an added value to rural areas (especially in developing countries where electricity is not available).
  • Technology can be aesthetically integrated in buildings (BIPV).Systems can cover roofs and facades contributing to reduce the energy buildings consume. They don´t produce noise and can be integrated in very aesthetic ways.
  • The energy pay-back time of a module is constantly decreasing. This means that the time required for a PV module to produce as much energy as it needs to be manufactured is very short, it varies between 1,5 years to 3 years. A module therefore produces 6 to 18 times more energy than is needed to manufacture it.
  • The fuel is free. The sun is the only resource needed to power solar panels.
  • It produces no noise, harmful emissions or polluting gases. Solar power uses only the power of the sun as it´s fuel. It creates no harmful by-product and contributes actively to reduce the global warming.


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