Inspection of the boilers and the air-conditioning

From 1st of January 2009 there will be legal obligation to all owners of the buildings to undergo the inspection of furnace and air-conditioning.
Inspection of the furnace are not related to systems that are used for heating up the flats, family houses and holiday resorts. Otherwise the inspection is a must according to this scheme:

  • Furnaces with it´s delivery over 20 kW and older than 15 years has to have the inspection of furnace and heat distribution
  • Furnaces with it´s delivery up to 200 kW has to be inspected once in a two years according to testament no.86/2002, settlement of the government no. 352/2002 and public notice no. 356/2002.

In regards to inspection of the air-conditioning there will be legal obligation to every air-conditioning with it´s delivery over 12 kW without any importance of the owner. Inspection has to be made once in a fourth year.



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