Territorial energy conception

for cities, districts and region. It is conceptual approach to economy of the energy and it´s necessity, to let down the costingness. This conception is based on usage of untraditional and renewable resources of the energy protecting the environment.

Energy tablet of the heat transmission

this card evaluates the heat transmission and technical quality of engineering construction of the building

Certificate of energetic constingness of the building

it is the evaluation of energetic costingness of the existing building or building that has been designed. Evaluation considers the way of power supply, it´s distribution and energy utilation in the building

Evaluation study of the energetic costingness

this project suggests arrangements to increase economy drive of the production unit. It is basis to manager´s determination and the project preparation

Study of practicability

processing of the prospectus of private investors, cities, regions and public organization to economical supply and possibilities of the usage of the energy thanks to renewable resources to protect the environment


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